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Anhui tea grinding and polishing materials co., LTD

Anhui tea grinding and polishing materials co., LTD is located in historical and cultural city self-export。Tongcheng city north of hefei,In the south of anqing,Hejiu railway,Hurong speedway,206National road intersection,This style only,Talented people,The countryside simple。Anhui tea grinding polishing materials co., LTD. Was set up in the last few years,Has been committed to the grinding and polishing products production and sales both at home and abroad,The main:Surface protective film、The disc sand、The mask、Dry abrasive paper、Since the sticky sand paper、Sand control pure epoxy coating、Sponge sanding block、Sand flocking sandpaper、The disc flocking sandpaper、Water proof abrasive paper imports、Grinding the microfiber cloth、Hand to tear tape、Steel silk floss, etc,Quantity can be OEM。Is currently the domestic professional supplier of grinding and polishing materials,In line with“The quality is supreme,Pragmatic integrity,The user is supreme”Of the cases...


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